Pleasure On Purpose!

Did you know that a large proportion of women experience significant sexual problems such as lack of desire/low libido (47%), orgasm problems (45%), arousal issues (40%), lack of sexual and intimate satisfaction (39%), and issues with lubrication (37%) and pain (36%)?
This is due to many reasons, but a HUGE influence is our cultural conditioning and lack of education! That's right, most of us are simply not given the basic tools and understanding of how to even pursue our pleasure (sexual or otherwise!). We wouldn’t bat an eye at taking piano lessons to learn how to play the piano or working with a personal trainer to get in shape, so why not take a course (or two) to learn about your sexuality?

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The Practitioner

Rensselear Resch is a Leadership Coach, Writer and Somatic Sex Educator. She works with women, couples and groups in experiential ways to discover the unique wisdom and power that each of us carries, so that we can understand how to bring our unique gifts to the world, through our work, relationships and creative endeavors. Her depth and breadth of experience and skill allows her to serve as Guide for people from various walks of life.

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My personal, life experiences are my greatest teachers and have made me who I am today, here, in service of bringing more aliveness and awareness to the world.

Check out my blog for some of my own personal experiences and stories about my journey and practice.

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