The Practice

The Pleasure Practice is for people who want to discover and expand their awareness and erotic intelligence. Whether you consider yourself "experienced" or "inexperienced," there's always something more to discover about our erotic intelligence and how it can support our relationships and how we engage with the world.

The Pleasure Practice offers education and guidance for individuals, couples and communities wanting greater access to their potency, vibrancy and deepest truths.

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The Pracitioner

Rensselear Resch is a somatic sex educator, erotic intelligence and intimacy guide and meditation instructor. She works with individuals, couples and communities in experiential and hands-on ways to discover the wisdom and power of the body and the innate generative energy that has us come alive and fully show up—not only in sex, but in our whole lives.  Her depth and breadth of experience and skill allows her to serve as Guide and Muse for people from various walks of life.

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My personal, life experiences are my greatest teachers and have made me who I am today, here, in service of bringing more aliveness and awareness to the world.

Check out my blog for some of my own personal experiences and stories about my journey and practice.

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