Why is POP important?

Did you know that a large proportion of women experience significant sexual problems such as lack of desire/low libido (47%), orgasm problems (45%), arousal issues (40%), lack of sexual and intimate satisfaction (39%), and issues with lubrication (37%) and pain (36%)?
This is due to many reasons, but a HUGE influence is our cultural conditioning and lack of education! That's right, most of us are simply not given the basic tools and understanding of how to even pursue our pleasure (sexual or otherwise!). We wouldn’t bat an eye at taking piano lessons to learn how to play the piano or working with a personal trainer to get in shape, so why not take a course (or two) to learn about your sexuality?
Even most medical professionals are taught only about women's reproductive anatomy, and have very little training about or focus on helping us understand our anatomy of arousal (two completely different systems, though overlapping!).

As a result of participating in the POP Program, I have experienced a new level of conscious awareness of my sexuality and my ability to sense my arousal. What I once thought was lost to me as a 61 year old woman, has now been found, reclaimed, enriched and awakened. Rensselear knows women’s bodies, our trials, tribulations and celebrations. She creates a safe space to acknowledge and transform what we know and don’t know and brings you into an opportunity to deeply discover the wealth of resources we have within each of us. Take this course...it will change your life!
— Deb Azorsky, MA, LPC, CST Sex Therapist

What is POP?

The Pleasure on Purpose (POP) Program is a Somatic-Based, Experiential Course that empowers women to tap into their greatest pleasure potential and erotic intelligence in support of living more fulfilling, inspired and purposeful lives (and sex lives)!

As a Certified Somatic Sex Educator, I have been teaching this material to women for years, helping them overcome these all too common and completely unnecessary problems.  Like many human-nature challenges, there is no quick fix or pill you can pop, but there are some very simple tools that if applied consistently and regularly, will totally transform your Sex, your Relationship(s) and your Life!
I have combined all of this material into one online, live course that you can take from anywhere.

Before taking POP I understood the physical reproductive anatomy, but did not know much about the pleasure anatomy aside from the clitoris (and I am an OBGYN!) This course gave me such a lovely introduction to female pleasure anatomy (which is woefully under-taught in schools, including medical schools) and how to connect with it, use it, and explore it. It also gave me practical tools and techniques that will help some of my patients have a better experience in their own lives as well. The course also gave me hope for a life full of pleasure as I age, and how to maintain and grow my capacity for pleasure over my lifetime, both with my partner and for myself.
— GH

More About POP!

Here is what we will cover:

  • Module 1 – Safety and Sisterhood

  • Module 2 – Awareness and Choice

  • Module 3 – Aliveness and Arousal

  • Module 4 – Sovereignty and Purpose

  • Module 5 – Resilience and Savoring and working with Trauma and Shame

  • Module 6 – Female Anatomy of Arousal, Part 1

  • Module 7 – Female Anatomy of Arousal, Part 1

  • Module 8 – Partner Practices

  • Module 9 – Wrap-up and Course Harvest

Before taking the POP program I was wanting more passion and sexual encounters with my husband. I was nervous at first to talk with people I didn’t know about these intimate topics but Ren creates such safe affirming connected space that it was easy to share with the other women. The deep sharing for others often mirrored and validated my own experience and also gave me areas to grow and challenge myself. Learning about my own arousal anatomy and then sharing that exploration with my partner was empowering and joyful. My partner and I have more open conversations about sex play, have a larger variety of ways to explore our bodies and have more fun and patience with each other. My hope is for anyone taking this program is that they embrace it fully, using the homework and exercises to get to know themselves so much better and expand your capacity for pleasure in many places in your life.
— Kelly L.

Fall POP 2018 Details

POP consists of 9 weekly webinars (2 hours each) that all take place live over a very easy-to-use app called Zoom. You can access the webinars via your computer or telephone, though computer is preferred so we can all see each other too!

Each live webinar will be 2 hours long and will be recorded in case you need to miss one or two and so that you can revisit the material any time you'd like. Please note that there is a requirement that you attend 50% of the webinars in order to receive the recordings. This is to ensure the group feels connected and safe. If you are unable to attend 50%, you will only receive the course notes and practice guides.

The Fall Course will take place on Wednesdays at 6 pm Mountain from Oct. 3 through Dec. 12. Please click here to see what time that is in your time zone. The Course spans 11 weeks, meeting 9 times from 6 pm to 8 pm Mountain. We will not meet on October 24 or November 21.

If you cannot take the Fall Course, but would like to receive an email about future dates of the course, please send me your information via my Contact Page.

POP Includes:

  • Nine, 2-hour live webinars with Ren, all will be recorded so you can revisit the material any time (Audio and Video files for download).

  • Nine Course Outlines from the webinars to revisit the material at any time (PDF documents for download). These are like e-books, rich with information and learning!

  • Nine Pleasure Practice Guides to deepen your understanding of the material (PDF documents for download). At the end of the course, you will have a whole workbook of wonderful practices that you can use for the rest of your life!

  • A private Facebook forum with other women in the course to ask questions and share your experience.

  • A PRICELESS experience of learning, growing and healing in a community of compassionate women!

Invest In Your Pleasure and Yourself

  • $349 if paid in full by September 26 or $495 if paid in full before the course begins

  • Past POP Participants may join for 50% off.

The POP program enriched my life and will continue to do so. The experience of the course itself was full, complete and satisfying on its own, but even better, it set the stage for future growth. I love that I can revisit the course materials and that they are robust enough to foster continued learning. Not only do I feel empowered by the information given in the course, I feel emboldened by the experience of sisterhood and community. Before this course I felt naive and timid (and embarrassed about my ignorance). After this course, I feel confident about my knowledge of arousal anatomy, inspired to share it with other women, and courageous to continue to explore my sexuality. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, this course also deepened my spirituality and my commitment to honor the voice of wisdom within me. Big thanks to Ren!
I am so grateful to Ren and the fellow participants of POP! What a discovery-laden journey we’ve had together! The course gave me permission to curiously look at my body, my thoughts and my desires and how these desires relate to pleasure. Ren’s homework and practice guides are often innovative, always helpful and sometimes appropriately edgy! Her teaching style is compassionate and experiential- her friendly professionalism creates the perfectly supportive environment to explore this transformative topic. 5 star recommendation.
— POP Participant
Before staring this program, I was struggling to move through recovery from a pelvic floor disorder and chronic pelvic pain. While I had already significantly lessened this pain with other methods, going through this course significantly helped me to become more embodied and aware of the impact of my nervous system on my arousal and ability to enjoy sexual pleasure. Through the P.O.P. program, I learned a variety of accessible tools to empower myself in my own sexual exploration and healing. And I now thankfully feel much more comfortable in my body and with my emotional needs as an sovereign sexual being. Enough so that I am experiencing more ease of pleasure overall in my life and in my sex life. There’s much more to explore! And I’m very grateful to Ren for providing the safe and tender space and informative sex positive resources to continue to draw from as I move forward in my journey.
— H.N.