Before taking the POP program I was wanting more passion and sexual encounters with my husband. I was nervous at first to talk with people I didn’t know about these intimate topics but Ren creates such safe affirming connected space that it was easy to share with the other women. The deep sharing for others often mirrored and validated my own experience and also gave me areas to grow and challenge myself. Learning about my own arousal anatomy and then sharing that exploration with my partner was empowering and joyful. My partner and I have more open conversations about sex play, have a larger variety of ways to explore our bodies and have more fun and patience with each other.
— Kelly L.
As a result of participating in the POP Program, I have experienced a new level of conscious awareness of my sexuality and my ability to sense my arousal. What I once thought was lost to me as a 61 year old woman, has now been found, reclaimed, enriched and awakened. Rensselear knows women’s bodies, our trials, tribulations and celebrations. She creates a safe space to acknowledge and transform what we know and don’t know and brings you into an opportunity to deeply discover the wealth of resources we have within each of us. Take this will change your life!
— Deb Azorsky, MA, LPC, CST Sex Therapist
Before taking POP I understood the physical reproductive anatomy, but did not know much about the pleasure anatomy aside from the clitoris (and I am an OBGYN!) This course gave me such a lovely introduction to female pleasure anatomy (which is woefully under-taught in schools, including medical schools) and how to connect with it, use it, and explore it. It also gave me practical tools and techniques that will help some of my patients have a better experience in their own lives as well. The course also gave me hope for a life full of pleasure as I age, and how to maintain and grow my capacity for pleasure over my lifetime, both with my partner and for myself.
— GH
I got put in touch with Ren and her work, and I’m so delighted about the experiences that I had. What Ren did for me has forever formed my love and sex lives.

There’s something very special about the space Ren creates and the way she interacts with her clients that connected sex and love in the most joyful and accepting way.

Thank you, Ren, for your generosity and loving spirit. This is certainly the most diving and caring work I’ve found in the sexual space.
— J.L., United Kingdom
Ren held a container of complete acceptance, love and healing, where I felt accepted for who I was beneath all of my learned social and cultural identity. I was able to allow and say yes to my desires as they unfolded during the workshop. It showed me a sense of okay-ness of who I am, that I long to bring out in my daily life, and relating with people. It was one of the most powerful learning experiences. I look forward to more.
— AR
I had a few sessions with Ren about over 6 months ago. It was a turning point for me in how I relate to my sexuality. The teachings and practices that she used continue to help me. I feel like I am still benefited by them even after so many months, and I continue to find new depths of my own sexuality now, after having done this powerful work with Ren.
— Anonymous