Free Women’s Salons on Sexuality and Pleasure

Something PROFOUND happens, for us as women, when we sit together and share our experiences about our intimate relationships of longing and loss, joy and heartbreak, challenges and successes. We no longer feel alone or weird or abnormal.

We are living in a profound time where there has been a lot of progress made to release and remove the oppression of women (and our sexuality) and yet, there is still SO MUCH MORE to be done!

The statistics on sexual assault, rape, child sexual abuse and partner violence are shocking. One in five women is raped. Sexual trauma can also be subtle – oppressions, micro-aggressions and targeted sexual violence. Trauma happens more frequently to women than to men, and more frequently to women of color and native women than to white women. Queer, gay, lesbian, and bisexually-identified people are disproportionately subjected to sexual violence, and transgender people face even more danger. Living in a culture where sexual trauma is both commonplace and targeted affects us all.

Did you know that almost 50% of women suffer from sexual problems? Here are just some of the sexual problems women reported in one study:
1) Lack of desire (47%)
2) Orgasm problems (45%)
3) Arousal issues (40%)
4) Lack of satisfaction (39%)
5) Lack of lubrication (37%)
6) Pain (36%)

Fortunately!!! Researchers are also discovering that the newer generation of young women feel entitled to engage in sexual behavior, whereas past generations of women have not felt so much freedom.

However!!! These researchers also discovered that these same young women DO NOT feel entitled to enjoy the very sex they feel entitled to engage in. In fact, one of the measures these young women reported of what makes for a “satisfying sexual encounter” is to NOT FEEL PAIN!!

How is not feeling pain a measure of success? And how did this become a bar for sexual fulfillment for SO MANY WOMEN?

Do you feel like SOMETHING IS MISSING from your experience of sex and pleasure?

Do you wish for MORE? More pleasure? More connection and intimacy with your partner? More satisfaction? More turn-on? More orgasm? More ease with asking for what you want? Or do you long for pain-free sex? Less frustration? Less confusion?

2 of the MOST EFFECTIVE ways of you can change your experience of sex and pleasure is through:
(1) Education, and
(2) Community Sharing and Witnessing

Please join me for an engaging conversation with other women regarding female sexuality and pleasure.

We will share our stories and I will provide you with information and education - tools and resources that will BRING YOU MORE of what you WANT and DESERVE!

FREE Women's Salons

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